A true partner is strategic and helps you every step of the way.

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Our strategic process: Plan Well. Invest Well. Live Well.™

We guide you toward achieving your financial life goals using our strategic process, removing the guesswork, wishful thinking, and potential worries from investing.

Plan Well. Invest Well. Live Well.™ is a consistent process, based on extensive research, the most up-to-date tools available, and a disciplined partnership approach, so you can confidently and efficiently move forward toward your goals.

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Plan well.

The first step is knowing where you want to go.

Our process begins with open and straightforward dialogue about where you want to go, and a detailed plan prioritizing what next steps you should take, and why.

The strategic partners at Weiss, Hale & Zahansky Strategic Wealth Advisors are experienced in asking you the right questions and listening closely to your answers, in order to develop a truly personalized plan based on your values and goals, the life you want to lead, and the legacy you wish to share.



Invest well.

The key to a smart investment strategy is leveraging what we know from research and experience to create a dynamic portfolio to support your plan.

The Invest Well strategy utilizes proven academic research in constructing portfolios that are diversified, cost-effective, and tax-aware, with the aim of achieving your individual goals over time.

Combining the efficiency of the market with proven research is at the heart of our strategy to minimize controllable risks and to achieve competitive, long-term, risk-adjusted returns.



Live well.™

Let's talk about the life you want to live and how we can help you along the way.

What is it that you imagined yourself doing? Are you headed in the direction of that dream? Is your dream big enough? We know that your money is more than just an asset - it is an important resource to living the life you want. 

Beyond our primary investment offerings, we offer a wide array of services, education, and support tools that are available to you every step of the way as you live your life in support of your financial life goals. 

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