Business Owners

It’s about more than the business.

As a business owner, you provide well-being to your employees, yourself, your family, your community and your customers. It’s a lot to take on, and the web of priorities gets complex, quickly. In our work with business owners, our goal is to make the lift quite a bit easier. Because at the end of the day, it’s about more than the business. It’s about possibility and wellbeing for everyone you care about. 


Live Well: to take great care of your family.

There’s a direct thread between your business and personal life. A thriving business means solid personal finances. Maybe your family takes that vacation. Maybe your kids’ college is covered. Maybe it’s simply that you get a good night’s sleep. We help business owners create long-term strategies with the goal of maximizing the income, value and savings rate of their business, so everyone can thrive. And our planning can help you feel confident that when thetime is right, you’ll be able to get the value out.


Live Well: to treat your employees like family, too.

Living well means passing it along, but caring for your employees should never mean trade-offs for your own family’s financial security. We can set you up with solutions that harmonize between the well-being of your employees and your company’s tax efficiency. Because better business outcomes mean better outcomes for you and your family. We believe in win-wins.


Live Well: the daily satisfaction of knowing your exit is well-planned.

One of the key moments in your life as a business owner is handing over the reins. If you start seeking help when you’re ready to get out, it may be too late. We’re here to help you handle your succession the right way. By planning ahead and planning consistently, you can make moves to support the value you get at your exit. Plus, you’ll live every day with confidence that for every ‘what-if’, there’s a plan.

Our Process

We view our work with every client as a partnership whose purpose is to bring dreams to life. Our trademarked, three-part strategy is designed to align your resources in support of your goals, today, tomorrow and down the road.


We start with personal attention and learn what living well looks like to you. We call this stage Plan Well.


Next, we invoke academic research and our decades of practice to align your investments with your vision. To put it simply, Invest Well.


Once these steps are done, it’s time to Live Well. Live every day fearlessly, knowing that we’re with you as a trusted financial partner.


Extra Perks

We operate to help you achieve your financial life goals and we will be with you on your journey every step of the way. That’s one way we strive to deliver financial fearlessness. But to be fearless is to be empowered, so we provide accurate, relevant content and resources to help you on your wealth journey. Our podcast, “You & Your Money”, is a great place to start. We also provide financial planning tools, in-depth research and news updates.


Plan well. Invest well. Live well.™